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8/22/19 - 9/10/19

Highway 1 had curated a group art exhibition at Boat House Collective in their gallery space in Costa Mesa that ran from August 22nd through September 10th. This time we have teamed up with What Youth, with music by Dixies, Clean Spill, & Sweet Nobody as well as a screening of the latest Hunter Martinez latest surf film "Lost in Thought". The opening night was spectacular; surfers, skaters, friends, family, art collectors, and the youth all came out.  We have some new shows in mind, so stay tuned for more!

Featured Artist

Alex Varasteh, Andrew Doheny, RL Parole, DRFTWD, Erik Mufon, Ethan Clayton, Grant Noble, Helter, Jamie Mckernan, Jess Malane, Joe Suzuki, Joey Duffy, Johnny Klobe, Joseph Tenore, Josh Harmony, Josie Mireless, Joey Bookout, Keith Carmichael, Ken Suzuki, Kiyana Tehrani, Matt McCoy, Manny Sayes, Mollie Moore, Nick Vold, Nico Sauceda, Ross Schwartz, Sew Aloha, Sticky Shaw, Taylor Fanning, Tbird, and Yvonne Logan.

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